My Photographic Style


Most of us are familiar, perhaps on an intuitive level, of the different styles of wedding photography.

There's the traditional style with its meticulously and precisely posed portraits, that are unquestionably very beautiful and technically well executed but often lack the emotion or drama.

Then, there's the documentary photography with its photo-journalistic approach to weddings. The advantage of this style is undoubtedly that the photographer

does not 'interfere' with your day in any way and also the resulting emotion-rich photos. The disadvantage is that often in weddings, the setting could be limiting the photographer from creating most beautiful images (bride getting ready in the dark corner of the room), also the couple might be left without

the traditional group or couple photos, that will stand the test of time and proudly grace your grandmother's wall.


My approach falls somewhere in between the above mentioned styles. While I put a lot of value on capturing all your moments as they happen in the most beautiful way, I will also make sure you have a few of those beautifully posed portraits will your family and partner. I will also lightly direct the subjects while documenting the events to move a few steps this way (while putting on a dress) sit over there (while fixing the flower on the suit) etc.

I am well versed with photographic lighting tools and gear which allows me to capture beautiful images in most difficult light situations. I also strive for creativity in my images and making every space and place look beautiful.



Editing Style


I am a bit of a sucker for the currently fashionable film style editing because of its romantic underlays and emotions it evokes. I also strive for a timeless appeal of my photos which takes my style to a beautiful middle. While you will no doubt notice the slight cinematic look to my photos, they are made to stand the test of time due to keeping things looking mostly same as they came out of the camera. Naturally I will hand edit away any obvious flaws or skin imperfections, etc, so you will look your most beautiful.



Pricing starting at €400


I completely understand the wish to have a quote quickly and easily. But with the significant variety of factors going into each wedding we decided the clients would be better served with a personal custom quote that will take all those things into account. If you are having your wedding off-season, at a hotel or on a yacht, and if it’s intimate affair, just a ceremony or a multi day celebration, all those would be reflected in your price. Most couples choose to have a pre-wedding (engagement) or a post wedding shoot. This is also a consideration, just like whether you might like a custom bespoke photo album or just digital files.

My hourly rate is €100, and while it’s a good guide, custom quotes tend to be much better value, so take a minute and drop me a line.

I would love to send you more info along with a custom quote.


Anna Lawler Photography

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